Available courses

Kimia dasar universitas

Mata kuliah fisika dasar universitas

Mata kuliah matematika dasar universitas terkait dengan aljabar, aritmetik, trigonometri, kalkulus, integral dan differensial.

Mata kuliah dasar biologi universitas

Membahas konsep metabolisme karbohidrat, protein, lipid dan asam nukleat di dalam makhluk hidup.

Membahas peralatan di lingkup lab medik, prinsip dan pengoperasian.

This course covers all aspect of routine blood chemistry including carbohydrate, lipid, protein, non protein nitrogen metabolism.

The topic include testing of blood gas, electrolyte, enzyme, vitamin and trace element in human body and blood.

This course covers area of routine test process control including clinical chemistry, hematology, imunology. Students will be able to familiar with the error assessment using quality control material, and interpret the graph LJ, Shewhart and westgard rule to make corrective action in the test.

This course describes design and setting for sigma metric design, setting and implementation  of six sigma in medical laboratory.

Course topic cover all dimension of steps to validate medical lab result from administrative to clinical validation